Custom-made stand: Aiming for excellence !

We design and build your showrooms, your exhibition stands.

At the beginning of the creation of your booth, our project managers will learn about your specifications and contact you in order to respect all your expectations for the design of your design.


Then, our designers, will design you a very realistic 3D design in perfect coherence with the image of your company. However, be aware that this 3D design will be updated at every stage of your project to help you have the most accurate representation of your booth. Thus, the objective of this stage is to be able to draw you a stand that respects your strategic objectives as well as your budget.

In this aim, AB Prestige is committed to present you a unique design created specifically for your company and according to your specifications.


Your project manager will be your main contact and at your disposal to make all the changes on your design so that it is up to your expectations. Be aware that a design and can always be modified until the last minute.

The design is also an indicator of the size of the stand by showing you the dimensions of each area. This can be useful to manage the spaces like the storage or give you a scale to present your products.


AB Prestige Communication also offers you to represent your products (machines, podium, holograms) on the 3D design. All you need to do is to send the photos of the products to your project manager so that our designer can integrate them into the design. This will give you a more realistic representation of your future stand.


In order to propose a project as soon as possible, we offer to send us:

  • Your specifications with your budget
  • Your floor plan
  • The technical guide of the exhibition
  • Your graphic charter (logos, color codes…)
  • Photos of your previous stands