Custom-made stand: Aiming for excellence !

We design and build your showrooms, professional spaces, shops and corners.





AB Prestige offers its services to design your professional spaces: corners, shops, concierges, corporate offices, showrooms.


In line with your values and in line with your needs, our team will accompany you with personalized solutions. 


AB Prestige is committed to creating sustainable spaces, taking into account technological innovation and green and sustainable materials. The development of your business is fast – we want to arrange your space so as to be flexible, to adapt for the next few times. 


Your layout in stages

Diagnose your space upstream

Studying, seeing, drawing up plans are being prepared ahead of the design, and that's why we want to go to the site to evaluate and diagnose your space.

Validating technical elements

It is necessary to respond to technical constraints: logistics of the electrical system, compliance with health and safety standards or certify the agreements in place. 

Design design 

Our design office and our design team, implement a new layout of space according to your expectations. AB Prestige offers realistic, durable and innovative 3D designs. 

Changing your space 

We custom-make all the elements of your space designed according to the 3D plans validated upstream. This transformation is accompanied by our expertise and services over the term.

Sustainable and personalized follow-up post-achievement 

AB Prestige wants to perpetuate the relationship and thus follow you even after the transformation of your space. We take care of all the services for your project. 

AB Prestige offers you

Diagnostic de l'espace

Conception du design 3D


Validation des Éléments Techniques

Transformation de votre espace