Custom-made stand: Aiming for excellence !

We design and build your showrooms, your exhibition stands.

AB Prestige Communication offers various services to customize your sales space in accordance with your corporate values.

We recommend several levers of communication and visibility in order to stand out in a sustainable way on a show.

How to have an attractive stand?

Enseigne aérienne

What is an airline sign?

An airline sign has a major advantage. High visibility. It can take several forms:

  • Recto-verso held by a scenic bridge bar
  • Square, rectangular, with straight or rounded angles
  • Triangular with straight or rounded angles
  •  Circular

It is also possible to add backlighting to be visible from afar or projectors to Led 200w thanks to a scenic deck.

The sign can also be rotated thanks to a rotating system if you choose a circular sign.


To check well upstream with the project manager, the maximum height allowed by the show. You will find all these elements in the technical or architectural guide. For this, it is important to validate the design for the booth design by the event organizer on the requested dates.

In addition, if you opt for an airline sign, you will need to take into account the additional cost of the slings that will be to order directly at the show as well as the electric charge.

AB Prestige Communication provides you with all the details along with a technical plan to order these items.

air sign, bridge, right, logo, sling

Many exhibitors opt for a touch of plant to their exhibitions.  The goal is to bring a note of modernity to your stand. That’s why AB Prestige offers you to energize the space with flowers and plants. Depending on the spirit of your design and the choice of designer, you will be able to add all types of floral elements such as plant walls, hanging flowers and/or planters. These flowers can be natural or artificial.

hanging plant, oily plant



Adding a TV to your booth brings digital and dynamic visibility to your space. So, thanks to our wide range of TV choices you will be able to choose the model that best suits your needs. Size, colour and attachment are customizable elements.

Television will allow you to broadcast photos or videos, with or without sound. It can be attached to a partition but also be positioned on foot inside the stand at the location of your choice.

Below is a summary of the standard TV models installed on living rooms:

Diagonal in inch Diagonal in cm Width and Height
24″ 61 cm 53.1 x 29.9 cm
28″ 71.1 cm 62 x 34.9 cm
32″ 81.3 cm 70.8 x 39.8 cm
39″ 99.1 cm 86.3 x 48.6 cm
40″ 101.6 cm 88.6 x 49.8 cm
42″ 106.7 cm 93 x 52.3 cm
46″ 116.8 cm 101.8 x 57.3 cm
50″ 127 cm 110.7 x 62.3 cm
55″ 139.7 cm 121.8 x 68.5 cm
65″ 165.1 cm 143.9 x 80.9 cm
85″ 215.9 cm 188.2 x 105.8 cm


An image wall is an assemblage of several screens attached to each other and placed on a partition to form a single image. It allows for greater visibility of the stand and the content broadcast. The image wall hangs on a partition usually facing the main aisle of the stand in order to encourage customers to enter and come and discover the company.

Beware, the image wall has edges separating between each television more or less thin.



A Led screen is a large screen on which digital content is broadcast in the same way as a television or an image wall. The main advantage of the LED screen is to broadcast the content over the entire screen surface without being cut off by the edges of the televisions. The covered area is generally larger than that of a wall of images.

However, the cost of a LED screen is also higher than other multimedia solutions.

multimedia, television, wall of images

Sol et différences


Carpeting on the stands is the most common and least expensive solution. There are different kinds of carpets and different ranges. In order to satisfy all our customers AB Prestige Communication works with quality materials. That’s why our Salsa carpet allows us to present you with a wide choice of color for a perfect rendering.


Like the carpet, the lino lands directly on the ground. It is also a flooring made from natural elements.

Its smooth, water-resistant surface differentiates from the carpet. Indeed, the lino will be very easy for maintenance when cleaning your stand. There are all kinds of ranges and colours for this coating. You can also choose a natural wood lino effect, tile, parquet, etc.

The other difference with the carpet is also its price which is slightly higher.

The downside to the carpet and lino is to feel all the electrical cables since they are placed directly on the ground.

Technical floor with lino or carpet

The technical floor is first a false floor formed by removable plates and then placed on an adjustable structure. The main heights used are 4cm or 10cm. The technical flooring can usually be done either by carpet or by lino. This type of soil allows the passage of electrical cables, air intake or other important wiring without being visible.

For a floor of 4cm, these edges are made by aluminum corners. As for the 10cm floor, there is no aluminum horn, only a floor finish and a PMR ramp (person with reduced mobility) which is mandatory in this case.

The technical floor offers a high-end look to your stand and is very popular with visitors. The stand is raised, which is why you have to pay attention to the weights of your products on display. This option will also have a higher cost than the lino or carpet placed directly on the ground.

technical floor, carpet, lino, melaminate

Making visitors want to learn about your offers is essential in a trade show; it is not enough to attract the eye but also to captivate a potential customer!

At each show its objectives and furniture! Creating an atmosphere in line with your world and your values is paramount. AB Prestige offers different styles of furniture. You can choose between a Scandinavian, industrial, modern, colorful, vintage, etc. atmosphere.

Choosing your furniture is also choosing the type of tables, chairs, chairs to be positioned on your stand according to the fluidity and its practicality. Show off your space through games of textures and materials will help you make a difference to your competitors! Finally, not to be overlooked, providing visitors with a coffee machine and mignardises can set you apart at a trade show.


Our last top tips, think of the layout of the reserve such as a refrigerator, a garbage can, hangers, shelves, etc.

architecture, armchair, sofa, coffee machine, Scandinavian, furniture

At the same time, our team develops communication media in line with your graphic charter and your services.

AB Prestige Communication offers you the choice of dressing your partitions with different supports depending on the surface to decorate. Indeed, here are the main formats for your displays:

  • Adhesive letter cut out
  • Adhesive / Vinyl full pot
  • PVC 5mm or 3mm
  • Plexiglass
  • Letter in volume backlit
    or non-lighted

If you don’t know the difference between these media, our project managers are available to advise you and advise you on the right choice.

What we remember!

In conclusion, signage is an important element in the design of your stand not to be set aside. It represents on the one hand the values and image of your company and on the other hand the products and services you want to exhibit at the show. It is therefore essential to give importance to the choice of the chosen hooks but also the main language spoken on the show. For example, if the show takes place in Paris and welcomes a lot of international visitors, we advise you to focus on English.

signage, plexiglass, PVC, adhesive, logo, stretched canvas

Sublimate your stand with a cozy atmosphere to attract visitors: feeling good is the first step in a sale!

Think of subtleties to enhance your space: scented candles, hanging lamps, or carpets to recreate a lounge and friendly atmosphere. Build on the customer experience as it passes through your booth, the visitor will feel at ease and have a positive image of your world. We can accompany you in the design design of your stand, the décor is not to be minimized!

design design decoration plant