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Why call on a stand designer for the design of your stand?
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Becoming an exhibitor at an exhibition requires a substantial investment. Space rental, advertising campaigns and stand design are all elements that require significant expenditure. Thus, the company must do everything possible to make its participation profitable. It is therefore essential to call on a professional stand designer to create an attractive stand.


There are many reasons to participate in an exhibition, such as expanding your professional network, prospecting for customers or promoting new products. Just like street-marketing or web-marketing, it is an undeniable vector of any marketing strategy, whether for start-ups or large groups. But participation in this event would be counterproductive if the stand is unattractive. Indeed, the more visible the structure is, the more visitors it will attract. This is why more than 65% of companies hire a professional in this field to stand out at an exhibition.



So what are the advantages of working with a French stand designer for international exhibitions?



  • A “made in France” image.

France is a brand image that includes values and a way of life that is sought after in foreign countries. French know-how inspires confidence and is internationally recognised.

Indeed, internationally, France has a luxurious reputation.  For foreigners, « made in France » is a guarantee of high quality, excellent design, originality and prestige.

Having a stand made in France will therefore allow you to convey an image of good quality and seriousness.


  • Contacts who speak your language.

To avoid misunderstandings and mistakes in your stand design project, it is of course easier to communicate with your contacts in your native language. This has the advantage of communicating clear information quickly and accurately. Sometimes there is a lack of vocabulary in a foreign language, and when it comes to stand design and construction, it is useful to know all the technical terms.

Having a stand designer in France therefore limits the risk of not having your request and project understood and has the advantage of creating an atmosphere of trust between the exhibitor and his stand designer.


  • Offices closer to you.

If you have any problems with the construction of your stand, you can easily make an appointment by phone or even go directly to the stand designer’s offices to clarify any unclear points in the project.

This makes communication quick and easy.

The project can therefore progress more quickly than if you had a problem with your exhibition stand abroad.


  • Support in France and abroad.

For your business trips to international exhibitions, you will always have the same contact person, whom you know from your previous projects, and will therefore be able to deal with any unforeseen events more serenely.

The AB Prestige Communication team, based in Lyon, will be delighted to help you create custom-made stands or modular stands for your exhibitions!


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