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Tips for saving money at an exhibition


Despite the fact that an exhibition is a real showcase for your company and can give you a great deal of publicity with your customers and prospects, attending such an event can be expensive.


Fortunately, there are several levers you can use to save money at an exhibition.


1/ Upstream, during the preparation of the event.


First of all, when organizing your participation in the exhibition, we advise you to choose your service providers (transporters, caterers, stand operators, etc.) according to the location of the exhibition to avoid excessive delivery costs.


As far as your technical services are concerned, remember to book them in advance!

In fact, you can order your slings and your electrical box directly from the exhibition well before the start date of your event. Ask the exhibition center or your stand designer about the dates of price reductions for these services to avoid ordering this type of service during the peak period (or the period when there is a surcharge).


Contact your stand designer to find out what they charge for securing and raising your overhead sign via slings.


The overhead power supply can also be managed by your stand designer and can be much cheaper if you go through them than through the exhibition center.


2/ When designing your stand.


During the design of your stand, you can limit the costs of your stand by choosing cheaper materials but still maintaining a certain quality.


You can also reduce costs by making sure you choose your signage carefully. To avoid exceeding your budget, choose LEDs on your stand rather than backlighting, for example.


About the furniture on your stand, prefer a stand-alone sink to a sink that you can order directly from the park. As a stand-alone sink does not require pipes for water supply and drainage, it will save you the cost of these pipes and also the cost of the technical floor, at least 6 cm high, which would be used to conceal these pipes.


3/ After your participation in the exhibition.


Although the exhibition is over, business is not.

You can take advantage of this to communicate on the networks about your participation in the exhibition in question but also about any future editions in which you will participate. This will further engage the prospects who visited your stand.




The AB Prestige Communication team, based in Lyon, will be delighted to help you create custom-made stands or modular stands for your exhibitions!

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