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In 2022, what are the trends for your exhibition stand? 


To capture the attention of visitors and attract more and more prospects to your stand, you need to stand out from the competition, but you also need to make sure you don’t stand out too much by becoming the alien of the exhibition.


Visitors will be looking to meet new potential suppliers and identify new market opportunities. The aim is neither to scare them away with a stand that is too original, too colorful or too offbeat, nor to go unnoticed.


So how do you build your stand in 2022 if you want to change your style?




  1. Choosing the look of your exhibition stand


To choose the right style of stand for your exhibition, forget the basic rectangular stand and reinvent the surface of your stand according to your needs.


Three categories are to be favored:

First, there is the futuristic (but not too futuristic) stand in a nicely atypical shape, accompanied by LEDs and neutral, chic colors such as grey or white.

Then, the more technical and technological stand with an original aerial sign, triangular or rounded. Here, freedom is in the colors. You can also add LEDs sparingly.

Finally, the ecological stand, made of wood and greenery, sometimes even trees. With this type of stand, you can opt for different types of floral arrangements, signs, logos and 100% green walls, etc.

  • Key words: Softness & comfort


This year, softness and comfort are the key words for the design of your exhibition stand.


The use of wood for the design of the stand is a good tip to bring conviviality and warmth. It will also remind your prospects of a sustainable development dimension.

  • Organic materials


2022 marks the return of organic materials. Therefore, choose wicker, concrete, cement and wood to make a splash on your stand!

  • Delineate the spaces


Sitting or standing, there are more and more different spaces in a single stand. So don’t hesitate to add a cozy lounge area with armchairs and sofas but also a coffee corner. This will allow you to add proximity to your customers on your stand according to your needs and desires. You can even integrate a meeting area or a customer meeting area.

  • Wooden cladding for your walls


This is a trend that has already been in evidence for some time at exhibitions and will become even more pronounced in 2022. Light-coloured wood is becoming increasingly important for decorating and cladding the walls of exhibition stands. You can use it in strips, panels, plywood, etc.

  • Follow the curves of the stand


Recently, exhibition stands have become more rounded and the furniture tends to follow the curves of these spaces. This style will be more present in 2022 on the stands. Spaces with rounded shapes create a cozy atmosphere and an atmosphere of trust and serenity between exhibitors and visitors. This makes it easier to interact at exhibitions.

Tip: To go smoothly, you can start by opting for curves on your overhead signs, reception desks or furniture.

  • Modular partitions


As you may have understood, for the year 2022 it is advantageous to separate the spaces on your stand. Do not hesitate to integrate modular partitions such as removable partitions to create several spaces and make your customers and visitors spend a convivial moment.


  1. The layout


The trends for exhibition stands in 2022 will not only involve the choice of design. There will also be a preference for certain raw materials for the furniture and certain styles of decoration on the stands.

  • Soft and warm materials


As mentioned for the design of your stand, softness and comfort will be the order of the day this year for your exhibition at exhibitions. You can therefore add carpets to your stand, in all shapes and colors, and favor soft materials for your furniture, such as curly wool.


You can also think of « feel good » elements and anything that can bring comfort to visitors (velvet, linen…).

  • The “High Low” style


These different types of decoration are to be adapted according to individual tastes.


The « High Low » style: This is a trend already well established in fashion. It mixes styles by blending the chic (neutral materials and dark colors) with what seems to be « more accessible » (warm colors and recycled furniture). This type of decoration can add value to your stand.

The great return of retro style: Back to the 70’s in 2022. Retro decoration brings a touch of nostalgia, a warm and welcoming atmosphere to your stand.

  • Originality in lightning


XXL chandeliers and colorful neon lights. That’s what you’ll find on the stands at your next exhibition.

The lighting trends of 2022 go far beyond the simple function of lighting. They are dressed in cane or rattan, painted in black, yellow or green, and aim to catch the eye.

Of course, you can also incorporate neon lights on the walls and backlit mirrors or display cabinets into your stand design.




The AB Prestige Communication team, based in Lyon, will be delighted to help you create custom-made stands or modular stands for your exhibitions!

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