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How can you create a relationship of trust with your booth operator?

First of all, it is important to know that most companies spend very little of their budget on their event communications. But getting outside help is useful and can help you reduce your stand costs.

Here are some tips to make sure you get the results you want:


1/ Describe your project in detail


Explain to your supplier exactly what you want. The more detailed you describe (deadlines, expectations, feedback, atmosphere, ambience), the fewer unpleasant surprises you will have. In the world of events, only the details count. Companies often think that stand designers are only experts on large stands. But not at all, they also help smaller companies to find the right stand for them. A professional stand designer knows his or her job and will be able to tell you all the details.


2/ Make your stand designer part of your team


As clients of stand designers, you may be afraid that these service providers are not sufficiently integrated into the company to feel the atmosphere to be conveyed. The best way to remedy this is to call on them from the start of your project. Communicate with your stand designer because he or she is part of your company for a few months.


3/ Maintain a close relationship


As you have understood, communication is the basis of a relationship of trust. It is important to plan and create time slots dedicated to communication with your stand operator, in order to take stock of your expectations and needs. If you remain available and attentive, you will save time and money.


4/ Use all the skills of your stand designer


Ask for feedback. Be open to feedback. Event specialists are often very organised and project management specialists. They are multi-taskers. Don’t hesitate to ask them for help on the layout of your stand, on the communication to be carried out beforehand or even on the workings of a trade show.


5/ Clearness of the quote


It is essential to study your quote in detail.

Examine the offer carefully. To help you, ask yourself if the construction of the stand includes the manufacture of the parts, installation, assembly or dismantling?

You should also determine whether the decoration, furniture and multimedia are included, whether the beverage orders are included, or even whether you are responsible for the design of the signage for the stand. Every detail counts.



The AB Prestige Communication team based in Lyon (Auvergne Rhône Alpes region) will be delighted to help you design your exhibition stand!

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