How to grow your B2B sales?

If your company is looking to make B2B sales, you need to know the techniques that will help you grow them.


Increasing sales via social networks


Social networks are a good way to develop your B2B sales. Among these networks, LinkedIn is the most appropriate. On this network, be sure to follow some tips so that the algorithm puts you in front. Do not hesitate to consult the article of our digital agency to know how to develop your LinkedIn network. We have also produced one on why you should use LinkedIn in B2B.


Develop your address book through commercial prospecting


Prospecting is indeed an excellent way to develop your B2B sales. You need to have a clear and personalised approach that allows you to promote yourself.

This approach, whether it is done by telephone or directly in the field, allows you to start conquering new customers. You will be able to create a database thanks to a customer book designed beforehand by you or an external company.


Participation in a trade show or one open to the general public


Trade fairs are an excellent way to promote your company. If you want to make B2B sales, we advise you to attend a trade show that is relevant to your industry.

Moreover, making face-to-face contact to create a relationship on this basis of proximity with your customers is priceless. These events offer you the opportunity to meet your customers without having to organise your schedule in advance, taking into account your respective availabilities. It is also a way to create a first contact and to trigger the feeling.


Trade fairs are a good way to:


  • Increasing your notoriety

Meeting you will allow prospects to put a face to a name and to appreciate the sympathy of the manager or employees of the company. Visitors, in addition to having a human contact with the person they are talking to, can directly see what your products look like. A demonstration can only help your sales technique.


  • Develop your brand image through a customised stand

The customisation of your stand to your company’s image and its originality accentuate your reputation. This way, you can attract visitors to your stand and not those of your competitors! First impressions are important. Indeed, it is possible to make a sale in just a few seconds! So don’t neglect your appearance and approach to attract new prospects!


  • Showcasing your sales skills

It is important to adapt your sales pitch to the visitors and to the products and services that might interest them. A perfect knowledge of your company will be an asset to promote and make sales with or without a product demo.


  • The trade fair: a lookout for incoming leads

First of all, it is important to know that if a customer comes to the trade fair and/or to your stand, it means that he is interested. This type of customer is called a « hot lead ». Unlike commercial prospecting, these are potential buyers, so it’s up to you! Don’t forget to develop your address book too!


Building customer loyalty and ensuring a relationship of trust


Building customer loyalty is not to be neglected. By establishing a climate of trust with your customers, you will be able to maintain a close relationship and receive new orders. As Bill Gates says, « The best advertising is a satisfied customer ».


Create promotional campaigns


Newsletters are a good way to get the word out about your new products, to support your presence and to find out about your news. However, don’t overlook the RGPD standard. You can find an article on this subject on our agency’s website.


Develop your SEO and SEA referencing

SEO is essential for your visibility and, consequently, it allows you to develop your sales. If you opt for paid campaigns such as Google Adwords, we advise you to study the statistics beforehand in order to get a real return on investment. Our communication agency offers two more detailed articles on this subject: « Why invest in SEO? » and « How to get a good SEO score? ».


In conclusion…

You have been able to discover through this article different marketing techniques. The purpose of this one, as you will have understood, is to focus on the various existing strategies that aim to increase your B2B sales.


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