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How do you draw up your specifications for the construction of your stand?

In this article, we will look at the important elements to include in your specifications when you hire a stand designer. Indeed, the design of your customised stand is prepared in advance.
We advise you to gather all the information mentioned in this article so that the selected service providers have all the elements in their possession to respond to your call for tenders.

Your company

First of all, it is essential to present your company in a few points:

  • The field of activity
  • The type of products and/or services offered
  • Length of service and number of employees
  • Values
  • The graphic charter


The exhibition

Secondly, it is essential for us to know the name of the trade fair you will be exhibiting at.
It may also be interesting to tell us about the trade fairs you have already participated in.

Indeed, if you wish to send us examples of your previous stands, do not hesitate to tell us the positive and negative points of the latter. This will allow us to better understand your request. Having as much information as possible in your brief will therefore be an advantage for you and for us.

Your stand

In order to design your customised stand, here is some information we need:


  • The layout plan
    This plan allows us to study the layout of your stand. It contains all the elements concerning the surface area of the stand as well as the number of open and closed sides. This allows our designers to study the potential of your stand.
    The plan also shows us the disruptive elements included in the surface area, as some stand plans have constraints to be respected. Therefore, we adapt the structure according to what is present on the site (posts, walls, etc.).


  • The exhibition technical guide
    It is essential that we obtain the technical or architectural guide for the exhibition beforehand. We study the conditions to be respected for each site plan before starting any architecture and 3D design. There are many restrictions on each event that you can find in this post (slings, maximum heights, safety rules, etc.).


  • The type of stand you want
    As you may have read in one of our previous articles, there are several types of stand. We therefore need to know your choice regarding the type of stand you plan to present at the show and also your needs for this design.
    « Do you want a custom-made one-shot stand, a modular stand or an umbrella stand? »


  • The aesthetics of your stand
    Here are some questions we need answers to:


    • Stand shape: What do you want your stand to look like?
    • Colour: What colours do you want for your stand? What is your graphic charter?
    • Openness and fluidity: Do you want your stand to be very open or not?
    • Layout: What type of layout do you want for your stand?
    • Aesthetics: Do you want a stand with a particular style? (Scandinavian, modern, classic…) What do you want on the floor?


  • The elements on your stand
    First of all, it is essential to tell us what you need on your stand:


    • What will be present on your stand? (demonstrations, products…)
    • What are the elements you want to put in place? (storerooms, meeting room, cosy area, bar…)
    • Do you want an overhead sign? If so, what type of signs do you need?
    • Do you need furniture or multimedia on your stand and in the storeroom? If so, please specify.


  • Your conditions 
    Finally, we need to know your conditions for the realization of your custom-made or modular stand:


    • The budget that we will have to respect
    • The adaptability of the stand if it is to be reused at another exhibition
    • The elements to be taken into account that will make it possible to stand out from the competition


To conclude

You have been able to discover the key points to include in your specifications when sending a brief to various stand designers.

In order to help you in this process, we would like to offer our clients a preconceived document that you simply have to fill in. If your brief is not prepared, we will be happy to share this information and our expertise with you.

As you can see, we are committed to providing quality support to all our clients. Let us take care of your brief and, subsequently, the design of your stand!

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AB Prestige Communication, stand designer based in Lyon and Paris, designer of custom-made stands in France and abroad.

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