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You have chosen to take part in a trade fair to represent your sector of activity and present the various services and/or products that your company offers. As you know, a trade fair represents a major effort, both financial and human.

Therefore, in order to make the most of this effort, it is necessary to choose your trade show location carefully.


What to look out for:

There are several things to consider when choosing your location. Firstly, if the trade show differentiates the sectors of activity by hall, you should choose the one that best represents your company.

Then you can see where your competitors are positioned. It can be ingenious to position yourself close by in order to reach a target of prospects who have initially been oriented towards them.


More frequented areas:


At trade fairs, certain areas are more frequented than others.


The central aisle: the busiest area.

Crossroads: by positioning yourself in a corner you can be twice as visible.

The « hot » areas: i.e. near toilets, bars, or even entertainment. These places will naturally attract visitors. By placing yourself near them, you will be more easily visible. However, bear in mind that in these hot areas, the noise can be much higher.

If the exhibition you are attending is large, it may be useful to have several stands scattered around the exhibition to cover more space and thus reach more visitors.


What to avoid:


There are some things to avoid at the show.

Service areas, or areas with cluttering poles, will repel visitors. Proximity to restaurants will not benefit you as visitors will not pay attention to your stand and inevitably there will be constant noise around your stand.

Stands with pillars that can hide part of your stand may cause you to lose visibility.

The entrance to exhibitions is also an area that is not recommended for your location as visitors are not yet focused enough. When they arrive, they will usually pay more attention to the floor plan and get their bearings.



Having the ideal location:


If you want to have the ideal location, you have to start as soon as possible. Also bear in mind that regular exhibitors are usually given priority in the selection of sites. You will therefore need to be patient as you may have to accept a default location in the first year. In future editions, you will have a better chance of obtaining the desired location.


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