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What types of stands exist?

In this article we will see that there are various types of stands. In order to choose the most suitable stand for your needs, you must take into account their different characteristics.



The portable stand is known for being very light. It is easy to transport, assemble and disassemble. The exhibitor can take care of it himself. This type of stand is suitable for small areas. The canvas can be changed to change the design from one exhibition to another. However, it may appear less qualitative.



This is a type of turnkey stand where everything is included (furniture, decorations, accessories, etc.). It is practical because it is easy to assemble and is an economical solution. On the other hand, its customisation is limited because the basic structure remains the same.


Made to measure:

The made-to-measure stand is a top-of-the-range stand ideal for a small or large area. Everything is thought out so that it adapts to your brand (materials, layout, colours, style, etc.). Because of its infinite customisation, it gives a very qualitative image. It requires upstream preparation with a stand designer so that you have YOUR ideal stand for this special occasion. It represents a large investment for a unique use.



This type of stand is suitable for a medium-sized stand. Its elements can be customised, but above all, as the name suggests, they are modular. This means that all the elements can be combined in many different ways and new elements can be added. The modular stand can represent a certain cost. However, it will evolve and be reused. This makes the stand ideal for use at several trade fairs.



The equipped stand is a stand formula that is offered directly by the exhibition. You can have several options and finishes. This type of stand is a quick and easy solution. You can add a few elements to personalise it slightly. This alternative is less expensive, but will give your stand a rather basic appearance. It will therefore be more difficult for you to stand out from the competition.



Finally, the collective stand type is a set of modular or packaged stands that are designed in the same way and are brought together at the show. They are often used by start-ups that benefit from the visibility of their regions. This solution is offered at a rather affordable cost but there is little possibility of customisation.


Through this article you have noticed that as an exhibitor you have many possibilities concerning the choice of your stand type. To do this, you will need to draw up a quick specification beforehand to determine your real needs. This will allow you to make a quick selection and choose the most suitable option for your stand design.


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