Why is it useful to create a webinar?

As a reminder, what is a webinar?

By definition, it can be named as the contraction of web and seminar. You can create online seminar event.

What are the benefits of a webinar?

You have the opportunity to bring people together around a common subject: to communicate around a product launch, new advances in your industry or around an expertise that you want to share. You can virtually develop professional relationships with people thousands of miles away: you can interact with all participants.

You will be able to lower the cost of your travel (hotels, trains, logistics) and equipment (transport, storage). By deciding to create a webinar, you have the opportunity to control your costs and your budget. create private virtual rooms between participants: As on an event, you can let visitors create private chats.

How can it be benificial to the participants ..?

You can take all the advantages of a physical event but online : no threats of setting up or dismantling an event. The ability to stay anonymous by attending the conference online is an advantage for individual visitors (B2C) who do not wish to interact with the actors of the event.

… And your business?

The famous Inbound Marketing strategy: this is the key to the webinar, participants must register to participate in your webinar by email in order to have an invitation, times and redirect link. At the end of the webinar, don’t let your newly qualified leads go: offer them a replay of the webinar, a more in-depth discussion, the exchange of personal contact details. You thus develop the visibility of your company by offering expertise and discussions on specific elements of a sector, for example.


It is important to choose the right webinar creation tool. Therefore, takeing into consideration the maximum number of participants, the frequency of possible webinars or how registration emails are handled.

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