We design and build your showrooms, your exhibition stands.

A stand does not necessarily mean high costs!

Modular and ready for use stands are THE solution to adopt when we have a tight budget.

Do you have more or less the same installation area for your booth at each exhibition show? Do you want to keep your stand items when you purchase them? This will be a real investment in order to reduce manufacturing costs over several years. In addition to reducing costs, modular booth also integrates environmental friendly advantages. Indeed, it is not a one-shot manufacture project but rather a solution to store, to rebuild if necessary according to each exhibition. They are mainly designed with quality materials and even recyclable ones. This will obviously depend on your stand builder.

Futhermore, you have a tight budget, do not hesitate to negotiate your advertising spaces via the various communication media of the show (list of exhibitors, partners, close-up of a participant). Finally, we advise you to use your social media (free advertising!). Always remember to mention your location and the hall of your booth so that you are easily found!

Unexpensive items that set you apart from other exhibitors

Create printed tarpaulins and branded banners. Moreover, grammage of the tarpaulins influences printing rates, and therefore the cost of your items. 

Choose voluminous plants – green items 

When you include plants on your stand, it reflects a natura and cozy atmosphere that attracts your visitor. With a tight budget, you have the possibility to create an atmosphere specific to your universe.

Go for small intentions that reflect your values.

First, the visitors will remember your exchange at the show, and secondly  your customized attention : music, goodies, appetizers. These details will help your customers remember your business after the exhibition show.


As stated in the article, you can focus on tips with tight financial investments such as goodies, contests or plants to liven up your stand. Futhermore, opt for upstream digital communication (via your own social media or via show communication) to attract more visitors. Our stand design agency takes your budget into account, and offers elements adapted to your needs.

 AB Prestige Communication team based in Lyon (Auvergne Rhône Alpes region) will be delighted to accompany you in the design of your exhibition stand!

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