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Is phygital really the solution for events?


A global pandemic context

For more than a year now, trade shows and large-scale events have not been possible. They have been postponed or cancelled. As a result, meetings between professionals are no longer possible at this type of event.

The lack of human contact is detrimental to digital events

Webinars, online meetings and virtual fairs are great alternatives to physical events. They allow you to continue to discuss and discover companies. However, spending hours in front of a screen at a digital stand is not the same feeling as a day at a trade fair. The way you communicate and sell your products is different from meeting at a physical booth. Private rooms or bubbles are sometimes created but this will not replace the human contact, which is essential to develop a professional relationship.

Phygital, a combination of events to rethink

The events in France took place between the two confinements: a different organisation. With the quotas and restrictions linked to the number of visitors, the events were phygitalised. Often, two dates were announced for the same trade fair, taking into consideration an online date and a date in an exhibition centre. We explain the principle:

  • Create quality content to keep people’s attention online (replay of workshops and conferences).
  • Keeping the link and the engagement of these remote visitors is complex but essential to organise this type of event.
  • Offer an online chat to support visitors during their visit.

However, these half physical and half digital events should not be a replica of virtual trade fairs. Indeed, it is difficult to calculate ROI with an online stand because the criteria are no longer the same. Finally, digital technology has its limits when it comes to the need for human relations, which reassures us all the more when making a purchase.

To find out more you can contact us via our digital communication agency: Le digital by AB Prestige.

The AB Prestige Communication team, based in Lyon (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region), will be delighted to help you design your customised stand in France and abroad!

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