We give you some advice  to pull visitors differently

Stand out from your competitors, differentiate yourself from other booths in your aisle ? We would llike to give you some tips and advice to stand out from the crowd ! Being an exhibitor is also knowing how to stand out from your competitors, particularly in the same industry.

Anticipating upstream and online 

Choosing a clear message on social media to announce your participation in this show. Quick advice : The professional social media LinkedIn now allows you to create online events. Sending out via newsletters is also a great way to prevent your database. You can program several reminders to give reminders to your potential visitors.

During the event

Contests – Stand out by defining a unique contest that represents your products.

Quiz games – By setting up an animation with your visitors, you develop this relationship and this will arouse the curiosity of passers-by.

Entertainment – Culinary show, special guest, interview with a partner in the village, you can redouble your ideas to liven up your stand.

Demonstrations of your products


To conclude, we recommend  you  to organise in advance  your communication on relevant social media. Then, with the help of newsletters and Inbound Marketing approach, you can increase the number of interested visitors. During the show, do not hesitate to develop innovative ideas to stand out. For example, it might be interesting to create a contest or interview a guest.

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