On the same level as the costs generated by security standards (for attacks and terrorism)  on an event (emergency plan, exit signage), Covid19 measures are alredy on the agenda.

Traffic flow direction

Designing a stand also means creating your space, and optimizing it. Open sides, closed sides and new sanitary constraints. The direction of movement is crucial and determining in the visitor’s journey. This will force him and encourage him to go in a certain direction. Create with appropriate signage your treasure hunt, your labyrinth which can be on a floor for example.

Gel, masks and distancing: Golden rules

Whether in the supermarket, at school or in the workplace, these three elements must be observed in order to ensure the safety of everyone. On your stand, it will be mandatory as well. Distribute gel to each visitor at the entrance to your stand, offer them a mask in the colors of your activity and enforce physical distancing between customers. This is the key to success.

Test before and after the event

They did it: Barcelona, ​​more than 5,000 people were tested before a concert, and masked during the event, which can be summed up as a real success because no case of covid was recorded. By testing visitors upstream, it will allow targeting individuals and identifying their health.

Regulate people per day per stand

As in stores and other points of sale, it is mandatory to regulate the number of customers. With 10 m2 per visitor, this space is regulated. When we know that a show can accommodate up to 700,000 people in a few days (for example the Agricultural show in Clermont-Ferrand),  visitors quota is essential to control the quotas within the fair.

Of course, all of its recommendations are likely to change depending on the progress of the epidemic, the vaccine, but we, event companies, want to put the necessary means to protect our salons.












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