How is China faring economically?

China is not experiencing an economic recession for the year 2020, despite the Covid-19 period. It has even recorded a growth of 1.9%! So trade fairs and exhibitions have picked up in China and this is bearing fruit. Why?

A case in point: China International Beauty Expo, a trade show that took place in September 2020, welcomed nearly 400,000 visitors. There are several reasons for this outreach after months of confinement.


Strict health rules and standards


Chinese health and information models differ from ours.

Indeed, with the visual identification of its inhabitants or mobile applications that track your every move, China has put in place restrictive laws. These rules have proven to be effective in this country.


Exemplary behaviour


The Chinese are experts at complying with government rules and measures. As a result, every exhibitor and actor at the show respects the system in order to advance the community. Economic exchanges are at the heart of the stakes for a commercial recovery. Large companies are aware of this and are therefore attracted to these fairs, where the organisers follow the protocols as well as the visitors. This is part of a joint success of an event. These approaches can therefore be inspiring!


National logistics and foreign needs


The players in the luxury sector have rushed to the trade fairs organised in China following the European confinement. The exhibitions are supervised by the Chinese organisers. And in this sense, their logistics are very efficient. The national industries produce the necessary materials to design the stands, so there is no need to import materials or furniture.

You can find here a list of Chinese exhibition that have been organised recently or that will take place in the coming months.


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