What are the alternatives for creating an event moment?

During the difficult period we have been going through for almost a year, professional and general public events have been cancelled. However, many tools and different activities have been put in place to continue developing these various sectors.

The virtual escape game, a different way of doing team building.

How to keep a link with your employees and colleagues during this period?

Between recommended teleworking and cancellation of professional meetings, escape games allow to reinforce cohesion in a company. These new ways of strengthening ties are multiplying in France since the first confinement. We have chosen some of them for you:






Webinars, the 2.0 conference

One of the alternative actions that is proving to be effective in maintaining a link with one’s employees but also with new partners. Webinars have developed considerably since last March. These video conferences give the opportunity to continue sharing news in the health sector, industry or about managerial experiences. With several speakers, it is similar to conferences and symposiums.


Speed meeting lunches

Several times implemented for members of an association or regional authorities, these « speed lunches » develop new inter-professional meetings within the same sector of activity. Where trade fairs used to be the place for informal exchanges between partners, these virtual exchanges – over a business lunch – provide the opportunity to create new contacts and forge new links.


The digital trade fair: opportunities and weaknesses

It has not been possible to organise public events for a few months now, but event organisers are reinventing themselves to offer you virtual trade fairs. In 3D and animated, the stands are designed to welcome visitors through digital means.

Always in your image, consistent with your messages and your graphic identity, online trade shows have made it possible to maintain exchanges between professionals in a sector. The digital trade fair has its advantages but also has many limitations, as described below.

Indeed, it can be a lever to lower the financial costs of a trade show. It also does not involve any travel costs and the stand creations are immaterial. Long live virtual eco-responsibility!


However, virtual trade fairs also have weaknesses, two of which are significant:


  • A lack of physical and human contact to create lasting links with prospects.

Visitors and exhibitors want to keep this sense of relationship through face-to-face exchanges. Virtual trade fairs only allow the display of an avatar, a voice and these will not replace a discussion in the cafeteria or in the queue to visit the fair.

  • Fewer visitors, fewer contracts, less long-term business…

Not all visitors have access to information about these online fairs. Not all visitors have access to information about these online trade fairs, and some do not have the patience to spend hours in front of their screens at a virtual trade fair. This results in fewer visitors and, consequently, fewer orders or sales.
Is the digital trade fair really the solution for this particular year?

  • Many trades are forgotten.

When a trade fair is organised, many companies and players are affected by the event. All activities, from the complete organisation of the trade fair to the exhibition grounds, from security to the stand builder, come to a complete standstill. There is no possibility of retraining if their main business is events. It is therefore difficult to reinvent themselves and to see virtual trade fairs as a feasible solution for them.

And you, have you been able to find alternative solutions in this period of crisis? Do not hesitate to share your experience with us in the comments.


The AB Prestige Communication team, based in Lyon (Auvergne Rhône Alpes region), will be delighted to help you design your customised stand in France and abroad!


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