We design and build your showrooms, your exhibition stands.

Visual communication on walls 

Walls to define space of your stand? Not only ! AB Prestige also helps you to design these walls which delimit your location with different visuals. On the one hand, signage allows you to personalize your stand to your company identity to present your products. On the other hand, you can incorporate a technological touch: Multimedia insists on the communication of your activity. In this sense, it is possible to install a video wall, screens or touchscreen tablets in order to show to the visitors your services.

Draw a sense of circulation on your stand

By creating one or more closed sides on your stand, you make the decision to establish a sense of circulation for visitors. Depending on the main and secondary aisles, sometimes it is better to close one side to develop another angle of the space. The location chosen with the exhibition organizer can be desired.

Behind the walls, the operational spaces

A storage, a welcome bar, or even products to present fit into your exhibition space. This is why designing closed sides (due to your location or not) is relevant to incorporate these elements.

Angles and open sides:

The less is a small bonus!

Decluttering your booth to create useful space, for discussion, business animation or even the display of your products. Sometimes it is better to leave empty space without a totem element or furniture to encourage visitors to move around your stand. Indeed, an overly furnished space will have an effect of clutter, of disorder. Visitors appreciate open, fluid, welcoming and efficient spaces.

 Stand out from co-exhibitors : you will benefit from it with a cost

It is important to know that at an exhibition, the more open sides you have, the higher the cost of your stand will be. It is therefore a financial investment that can benefit to your business strategy (you can also read our article “why participate in an exhibition ?”). Indeed, the closed sides mean that your stand is sticked to the one of your neighbors and that “took away” a part of your visibility. The islands by their 4 open sides are therefore isolated stands and highlighted compared to their competitor. Their location is the attraction of all visitors.

The AB Prestige Communication team based in Lyon (Auvergne Rhône Alpes region) will be delighted to accompany you in the design of your exhibition stand!

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