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What are the objectives of companies exhibiting at trade fairs?


The objectives of companies participating in trade fairs are numerous and mainly commercial. They are divided into several missions.


Prospecting and acquiring new customers

The primary objective of companies exhibiting at trade fairs is to prospect for and recruit new customers. Thus, trade fairs represent an excellent opportunity to meet and exchange with prospective customers, whether they are trade fairs or consumer shows.


Maintaining the commercial relationship with customers

Although trade fairs are an opportunity to meet new people, they are also an opportunity to build customer loyalty. Therefore, it is important to invite them to the trade show, so that they come to your stand, by sending them an invitation before the event to present new products or services or simply to talk to them at the show.


Selling, taking orders at the show

One of the main objectives of companies exhibiting at consumer shows is to sell and take orders on the spot. In the B2C sector, sales targets are set in the short term, whereas in the B2B sector, the expectation is to sell in the longer term.


Drawing up quotes and closing them after the event

Many companies, especially at trade fairs, exchange with customers and make offers in the hope of closing them after the event. Thus, trade shows are an excellent way to make quotations and give customers time to think about them. However, it is necessary to take their contact details in order to follow up with them after the exhibition and try to conclude the offer.


Launching a new product or expanding into a new market

Trade fairs are above all a means of launching a large-scale marketing plan for companies. As such, they represent a targeted opportunity to promote a new product or service. If it is a product, it is advisable to offer demonstrations to attract the attention of visitors. If you are presenting a service, you can show video presentations on screens and other digital media.


Commercial objectives are not the only ones companies are looking for. Fairs and exhibitions give your company a high profile and allow you to spread your values.


Develop your image with journalists and competitors

International fairs and exhibitions bring together journalists depending on the reputation of the exhibition. It is therefore important to choose the right event, to take care of the design of the stand and to pay attention to the image conveyed. These elements will reflect the company to journalists and other exhibiting companies.
A company’s reputation and the recognition of its legitimacy in its sector of activity are decisive elements for its development.


Observe and analyse the competition and the market

Trade fairs are key events for many companies operating in the same field of activity. In this sense, exhibitors can monitor the competition and learn about new market trends. Indeed, in order to satisfy the ever-changing needs of consumers, it is essential to stay informed and competitive.


Develop or establish partnerships

Apart from competitive intelligence, the presence of many companies can develop the network of one company. For example, trade fairs help companies, mostly outside of public opening hours, to exchange ideas and make contacts. These contacts can lead to partnerships that enable companies to grow.


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