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The annual exhibition calendar is greatly disrupted by the global health crisis that all companies are going through. The dates of exhibitions are reported from the end of 2020 to 2021. In addition, preparing to organize a booth requires several months of project management in advance. It is a matter of anticipating needs, organizing and classifying the priorities for the design of a stand.

Creating a planning and classifying by sub-themes

Design a reverse schedule by using the management tool named Gantt diagram can facilitate the distribution of tasks and their state. Indeed, being able to describe the status of the missions (- completed – in progress – or – to be done -) gives the opportunity to classify the elements of the project process. In this sense, the tasks must be ranked by objective and by priority to adapt the decisions to the situation. For example, the signage and bill order to create the visual elements will be done one month before the stand’s layout. Indeed, it does not require to design them 4 months before. It would damage the sticky effect of the adhesives, or it could damage the sign. Conversely, the stand manufacturing plan  decided by our designer is necessary for the signature of the quote to start designing in carpentry, with the exact dimensions and location of the elements. We help you design this management  schedule according to your desired reporting dates, but also your decision-making process and our requirements vis-à-vis our employees.

Depending on the size of the exhibition in which you are participating, organizing the stand design can vary. Taking the example of the biennial SIRHA exhibition, it is essential to start looking for a stand agency in May of the year preceding the event. In addition, a non-French exhibition will not have the same logistical constraints as one in France. The same goes for the deadlines of the organizers of the exhibitions, which may differ.

Planning ahead meetings with dedicated teams

Exchanging and discussing face to face to propose changes to the design, or technical elements such as signage are essential to carry out the project. In this sense, we advise you to organize meetings with the members dedicated to your project on targeted days for two objectives:

  1. Avoid regular exchanges, that can be often counterproductive due to the expectation of a return
  2. Plan questions and points to be addressed in advance to optimize the speach time of each member of the team.

Using reminders on communication and project management tools

Your communication about your presence at the show is also to be scheduled. Tools like Buffer allow you to organize social media posts in advance on specific dates to remind customers of your participation. We already talked about it in our article “10 mistakes to avoid”, take a look! The use of grouped emails via websites such as Mailjet, Sendinblue, etc., also provides the possibility of staying close to selected contacts. Also manage your announcements of dates, place of events on your stand to inform visitors.

Respecting the deadlines decided beforehand: the entire chain of services is involved in your stand!

So that all of the stakeholders involved in the design and setup of your stand are on time, it is essential to manage the delivery dates and decision deadlines as much as possible.If a delay in the payment or decision process happens, the suppliers and service providers who depend on it are also blocked in their rendering. Thus, guaranteeing a deadline with a few days of flexibility (established in advance internally) makes it possible to manage the various services linked to each other.

To conclude, we recommend to plan all the tasks and missions related to your objectives in advance. AB Prestige advises you on the importance of each element in a timeline. Indeed, each stage of the design of your stand is linked to a service to be created, and this sometimes orchestrated by our partners. Adjusting the information and exchanging elements on the modifications are elements to be managed sufficiently in advance so as not to be disturbed during assembly.

Putting words on the event is knowing how to anticipate the risks that can be committed. “Each error has its solution …”.


The AB Prestige Communication team based in Lyon (Auvergne Rhône Alpes region) will be delighted to accompany you in the design of your exhibition stand!

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