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Animation: an asset in the design of your stand

Achieving your business objectives is essential when you participate in a trade show or a consumer event. We explained these issues in the article « What is an ROI? Please take a look at it for more information!

However, you should not neglect your company’s image and the design of your stand. For this, the elements to highlight are the lighting, the decoration, but also the event animation!

In order to give you a little help and ideas in the choice of your animations, here are some suggestions proposed by our team. Animation brings many advantages and is without hesitation an innovative support in your visibility. Indeed, the visitor will remember this activity whether it is digital or experiential!

First of all, having an animation integrated to your stand is thought out beforehand. It is necessary to study the project from all angles: marketing, economic, event and commercial. When you study this investment on your stand, there must be a commercial issue that is related to your company’s activity. Let me explain… Your animation must be related to the services and products exhibited at the show. It must also arouse the visitor’s interest in knowing a little more about your company.

Of course, there will be some exceptions, such as the choice of a catering service. In this case, you do not need to be a restaurant owner or caterer to offer this service to your customers/visitors, quite the contrary.


A culinary event


Choosing to present a chef on your stand is a considerable asset for the reputation of your company. This chef will not only be able to create recipes based on your products or your suggestions, but will also be able to demonstrate the preparation of dishes and desserts. This will make for a daring presentation on your stand.

You have a multitude of services in the culinary sector. Here are a few examples: a smoothie bar, a live cooking show on the theme of fresh and local fruit, or a blind cheese tasting, and many others … can add a touch of class to your stand.


A commercial animation


Proposing a competition, suggesting a lottery at the fair, offering goodies are all activities that attract visitors and arouse their curiosity about your services. This allows you to achieve several objectives as follows:

  • Expanding your customer portfolio via business cards for the lottery
  • Increasing your visibility through an innovative « fun » image
  • Build customer loyalty with goodies – which mark a physical element in time (a pen, a USB key with your logo are useful objects in everyday professional life).

Be careful, however, to choose an activity, animation consistent with your ambitions, objectives of the show and remaining modern.


Choosing a catering service

Your visitors are initially attracted by the appetizers offered and the coffee served on your stand. Offering a break in their journey (yes, trade fairs are often very large) is a relevant way to attract and approach the public!

We advise you to choose a catering service in line with your values and image. Once again, we repeat the same advice, for example: fruit verrines if your company advocates sustainable development, proximity with your professional partners – gastronomic appetizers if you offer high-end services (beauty products, innovations, cars…).

If you want to know more, I invite you to read our article, « six tips to attract customers to your stand ». We discuss this idea to stand out from the other exhibitors.


A team building activity


Because on some trade shows, it is essential to create an atmosphere of cohesion and collective participation. You can opt for a stand with several partners and employees. In the pharmaceutical or medical sector, these « hubs » on a stand are common. This is why innovating by proposing a team building activity and the discovery of internal activities can arouse new curiosity.

There are many possibilities to have this team spirit and positive warmth on your stand. The customer will then feel comfortable and confident to talk about your company afterwards. Let your commercial talents speak for themselves!


Offer a technological activity

A digital animation on your stand to arouse the curiosity of passers-by! Developing your services via different communication media, including digital animation, can bring a new vision of your company. Indeed, at the heart of animations for visitors, augmented reality or virtual reality can impact a potential customer’s opinion of your products. Passers-by are attracted to your stand because they have the opportunity to discover your world highlighted in this animation. Presenting a hologram or one of your products in augmented reality is a real asset not to be neglected during your exhibition.

Thus, the technology integrates the notion of innovation and projects visitors into your business in a different way. We have already talked about this in our article « How to stand out at a trade show? »


The conclusion about animations on your stand…

To conclude, designing a stand with an animation not only allows you to be original and to stand out from your competitors, but also to gather visitors and exhibitors. Each activity has its own challenge: a competition develops the company’s network, while the discovery of new digital services improves its reputation.

The common challenge of the event animations on your exhibition stand is to attract more new customers, which is why you participate in the exhibition.


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