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What are the 10 mistakes to avoid on your stand?

First of all, exhibiting at a trade show represents a real investment for your company. In the exhibition that you choose to charge the design of your stand to an agency, it is important to optimize your investment. This investment is not only monetary, it requires strategic and human work. As a result, the exhibitors prepare themselves in advance to care about all details in terms of communication, sales, financing and project management. There are two types of exhibtions, where you can find all the explanations in our previous article: « Why participate in an exhibition? » .Whether it’s a B2B exhibition or opened to the general public, we invite you to pay attention to 10 fundamental mistakes to avoid as an exhibitor. As a Stand agency for more than 10 years, , AB Prestige ranks the main strategic mistakes to avoid when participating at an exhibition.

1 / Do not respect your corporate identity

The corporate identity is a basic document which contains all the rules for using graphic signs to constitute the graphic guide of your company. This identity, you will understand, represents the standards and action-based strategy for a company to build its own visual communication. When you participate at an exhibition as an exhibitor, your stand must fit your identity so that your loyal customers can recognize you. In order to acquire new prospects. Your identity will allow them to identify your company and to have a certain graphic consistency in all the achievements in which your company participates. The image of your company is based on this key step.

2 / Do not build your stand with too many flashy colors

For your stand, we advise you not to use too many flashy colors that may not be in line with your charter. With flashy colors, you can divert attention and thus minimize the promotion of your products. Your stand must be consistent and be in perfect harmony with your universe. We are not only talking about signage but also furniture, floors and your decorative elements.

3 / Do not have a stand in line with your services

It is essential that your stand reflects the image of your business. The goal is that the customer can understand the activity of your company and trust you. Your stand allows you to set a good example. Here again, it is about being in line with the services and products offered. Take the example of a company that offers screen rental services, an expert in the multimedia field. The customer will be more reassured and will pay attention to the presence of screens. The stand thus reflects the values ​​carried by the company, which benefits from legitimacy.

4 / Do not promote your presence at the exhibition

When you participate at an exhibition, do not overlook communication via the various communication media. An exhibition is prepared in advance: there are various ways to promote its presence and inform your customers about your participation. The ideal is to share at least 3 publications on your social networks (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). You can also send « reminders » by newsletters to your contacts. This will allow you, on the one hand, to make your company known but also to encourage customers to come and meet you on your stand.

6 / Do not have a brochure to present your business 

Communication plays an important role in the design of your stand. It’s not enough to just have a nice stand, you also have to combine design and signage to talk about your products and services. Thus, your advertising media are key and essential elements to highlight on your space. Indeed, with the influx of customers at trade fairs, it is sometimes complicated to communicate with all those interested. Distributing your business brochures, flyers, or other materials will encourage visitors to take your information and come back to you later.In addition, your brochures can also be used as a support during your presentations to a client. If you do not have examples to present on your stand, your support can be a good way to illustrate your remarks. Finally, our little extra on a stand: use a touch projector that connects to all your digital media for more interactivity with visitors.

 7 / Have unlit areas on your stand 

Any good stand project manager will tell you that it is very important not to neglect the light on your stand. Each element must be lit so as not to have what is called a gray area. This can on the one hand penalize the promotion of your products, signage, but also slow down the customer to visit your stand. The brightness of an exhibition stand helps  visitors to enter  your stand while keeping this warm, friendly spirit. It is also important to measure the right light intensity and to play, why not, with warm or cool colors depending on the desired mood.

8 / Do not have an air signage

An air signage has a real advantage: being visible from far. Each exhibitor has the choice whether or not to install this sign and the desired format as long as it respects the architectural rules. The exhibition halls are very often crowded with visitors, and exhibitors. This is why, having an air signage can allow you to be visible from several sides and from several meters. Imagine that your neighbor competitor has a signage unlike you; your stand will be hidden and it will be difficult to see you unless you are in front of your stand. The brand generates also better visibility by displaying your logo but also sets you apart from your competitors.Be careful however to respect the architectural rules of the organizer. Some exhibition centers do not offer the possibility of slinging a sign.

9 / Forget to train and brief your staff on what to say to customers

Before any show begins, make sure that your sales representatives know the objectives of the event. Prior training is very important for knowing and mastering your discourse with clients. Although your employees know their work, canvassing at an exhibition is different. The visitor has not much time to be seduced and to understand the main products that you present to him. We must therefore go to the essential while keeping this professional and human side of the customer relationship. A contract or a product is not necessarily sold during the exchange, in particular at exhibitions, but it may prove promising afterwards.

10 / Miss to highlight your flagship products or services

When you design a stand, your specifications indicate the products or services that your company wishes to highlight. It is therefore necessary to properly identify your needs for this exhibition. A stand must reflect the image of your company and thus convey your values. In addition, an exhibition is a temporary event, capturing the attention of the visitor on their first visit is essential to build the exchange and create a relationship of trust. In this sense, exhibiting its products on its stand allows demonstrations, putting your product into action and showing its quality to your customer.

All these recommendations allow you to reassure future customers. Do not hesitate to leave us a comment on your experiences, suggestions and of course your opinions.

The AB Prestige Communication team based in Lyon (Auvergne Rhône Alpes region) will be delighted to accompany you in the design of your exhibition stand!

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