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What is signage? 

First of all, if your stand designer offers you signage and you don’t understand its real meaning, don’t panic! It is a set of elements that constitute visual signage.

In the design of a customised stand or modular stand, it is the message that is broadcast, your graphic charter or the DTP creation of your designer.

Why choose signage adapted to your company?

Choosing the right signage to communicate on your flagship products, your values or to promote a new product is essential.

From the creation of the stand to its installation at the exhibition, it is important to know the different display possibilities in order to orient and guide visitors to your exhibition space. Signage also has a marketing aspect; it captures a visitor’s attention and allows you to stand out from your competitor exhibitor for example.

If you are exhibiting at a show in France (Paris, Lyon, Marseille etc.) with a large international audience, think about translating your messages into English!

Which signage for which material?

The main materials used when designing your customised stand are full-pack adhesives/vinyl or cut-out letters. The former mark a boundary on a wall or a totem, while the latter in cut-out letters bring harmony and a more qualitative effect to your signage. Cut-out letters are mainly used for logos, slogans or phrases.

Other popular materials are 3mm or 5mm PVC and stretched canvas, which can be used to display content in a large space. It is essential for you to decorate the walls of your stand with visuals. Choose these different supports to highlight your communication and your investment.

Choosing your support material is elementary: a transparent plexiglass partition allows you to delimit your stand while not obstructing the space. Our advice is to use Plexiglas as a signage support on a wall and to fix it with spacers in order to create relief and a high-end effect.

However, do you prefer a more luxurious, more qualitative look for your stand? The AB Prestige team advises you to use glass. This material will reduce fingerprints and scratches.

What kind of support can be used to upgrade a customised stand?

The communication budget can vary according to the needs. Indeed, some exhibitors wish to invest and have the means to develop their company’s identity during a trade show. For others, the simple fact of exhibiting and acquiring their own stand is a significant investment for the company. However, our company AB Prestige Communication can adapt and meet your expectations.

The volume letters bring relief to the message you wish to convey. They therefore have a more qualitative aspect. You have the possibility of adding an additional effect via backlighting. You should also be aware that there are many different lighting effects available if you opt for this option.

In the same way, the backlit box allows you to highlight your communication. Many companies adopt this concept to highlight their new product, their best-seller!

To conclude, we can help you choose your signage with expertise and knowledge of your needs according to your sector of activity.

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L’équipe AB Prestige Communication basée à Lyon (région Auvergne Rhône Alpes) sera ravie de vous accompagner dans la conception de votre stand d’exposition !

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