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The differences between customised and modular stands

Please take a look at our previous article to understand these two fundamental terms: custom-made or traditional stand and modular stand.

Customised Stand  Modular Stand
Individual customisation Optimisation of assembly and dismantling time
Support and expert advice on your project Cost-effective design time and project follow-up
Large stand area Limited stand area
Storable and adaptable* Storable and adaptable
Freedom of materials used Eco-friendly and sustainable 
Possibility to rent  Possibility of long-term purchase and rental
Custom-made elements that you own Several exhibitions per year
Guaranteed return on investment (ROI) Affordable price 


*The custom-made stand can be stored and can be adapted according to the surface area, but it has its limits. Some elements cannot be removed during dismantling. Please discuss this information with your project manager.

What we remember about the difference between a custom-made stand and a modular stand.

The modular stand is ideal for small stand areas, whereas the customised stand offers real added value if you wish to personalise your stand. Although the price difference between custom and modular is real, it is a real investment that will have to be amortized over time. However, a unique and attractive design will ensure a significant return on investment. In this sense, visitors associate the quality of the exhibition materials with a company’s visual identity.

In conclusion, a customised stand represents a real financial investment to showcase your services and products at an exhibition.

In the end, we can help you choose between a traditional or a modular stand. We want to combine and satisfy your expectations with the advantages of each design we offer. It is thanks to this plurality of services that our team emphasizes the personalization of our offer.

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