Nous concevons et réalisons vos showrooms, vos stands d’exposition.

The customised stand

What is a customised stand?

A customised stand customised stand is a stand that you can personalise throughout its design. It is a unique and original exhibition space designed by a stand designer such as our company AB Prestige Communication. It is designed for your various trade shows, open to the general public or for an event and can therefore be adapted to all your requirements.

Why choose a custom-made stand? 

Generally, we advise you to choose a custom-made stand from 15m2. This will allow you to have a stand in perfect harmony with your company’s image and the message you want to convey.

The design of a custom-made stand is also more original and creative. Many elements can be designed especially for your company and according to your needs. If you are creative, you can have a hand in all the elements of the design of your stand: the floor covering, the partitions, the floor and overhead signage, the furnishings, etc. Of course, our job is to guide you in order to harmonise your visual communication.

Most of the elements of the customised stand are purchased (bar, partitions, visuals, etc.). Only the multimedia, the furniture, the presence of the stage deck remain in rent. This means that it is entirely possible for you to recover certain elements after the show. The customised stand can be partly reused but this is not its primary objective. The complexity of the architecture often makes it impossible to dismantle and reassemble the stand without damaging it. This is why, if you wish to keep elements, we recommend that you discuss this option with your project manager beforehand.

The other possibility for the traditional stand is to adapt the design for your different exhibitions while keeping the same architecture. In this sense, we study your layout plan to adapt the design of the space by including the same elements of the ordered stand. And this strategy can be established over several years!

The Modular Stand 

What is a modular stand?

Do you want to save time and stay on budget for a trade show? The Modular stand design is for you!

A modular stand is, as the name suggests, composed of several independent modules that are assembled together. The modules are mainly made of aluminium frames and are defined according to the surface and shape of the stand.  Depending on your layout, we adjust the construction and can add or remove elements.

The visuals of the modular stands are stretched canvases or tarpaulins that are stretched and hung on the modules. You can decide whether or not to change the signage from one exhibition to another, depending on your communication messages and your development priorities.

Why choose a modular stand?

The modular stand has many advantages. Firstly, it is easy to assemble and store.  Its price is also very attractive because it allows you to amortize it over several years. In fact, the modular stand is a preferred stand for reassembly. This is why we take care of storage, assembly and dismantling for as many shows as you wish. Nevertheless, we advise you to renew it every 3 years.

The modular stand allows us to choose the modules we need. Thanks to the flexibility of the frames, we can build a reserve, an aerial sign and a certain originality in the architecture via the 3D design of your stand. This technique is also very popular for adding backlighting. Flexibility and adaptability are at the heart of our priorities. As a professional stand designer, we can provide you with a permanent follow-up.

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