Nous concevons et réalisons vos showrooms, vos stands d’exposition.

To attract customers to your stand

1/ Furniture, a decisive choice in visual communication

It is crucial to choose furniture that is in keeping with your world. However, it is easy to attract visitors to your stand, but you still need to captivate them with your products! Implementing an event strategy and designing your stand in accordance with your values will allow you to optimise your space. Indeed, AB Prestige will help you select, for example, Scandinavian furniture which will have a more positive and warm impact, and visitors will feel at ease immediately. Conversely, a contemporary and futuristic decoration will speak to the most curious and avant-garde!

2/ The QR code, a major and playful asset

It is true that high-speed Internet access at a trade fair is a godsend for visitors. It is true that wifi is often slow at a trade fair! However, use this free service to implement QR codes on your stand. Visitors will be interested in the possibilities to learn more about your products and services.

3/ Use an attractive and digital atmosphere

Digital technology is at the heart of our lives, so don’t hesitate to use screens to broadcast your values. Investing in an image wall, a hologram or an interactive tablet will allow you to attract visitors to discover your stand! But the team’s little extra, develop virtual reality and make the difference with your exhibitors.

4/ Communicate your participation via professional social networks

Communicating about your stand at a specific trade fair with new communication channels will have a major impact on the attendance of your space. Professional social networks such as Linkedin or blogs give you the opportunity to target B2B and B2C customers. This is why you should viralise your participation in the exhibition and stand out virtually!

As an added bonus, invest in sponsored and targeted advertising for the show to widen the audience and reach of the message. Indeed, designing a stand includes the communication of your event beforehand.

5/ Set up an intimate lounge area for visitors

At a trade show, the main aisles are often crowded and there is constant noise. Indeed, customers sometimes want a moment of calm. So encourage them to take a few minutes to relax in a quiet area. Inviting them to have a snack or a coffee, for example, can make a difference. This is a good time to introduce them to your company and talk about the different services on display! As a bonus, opt for goodies and souvenirs of your brand for more visibility outside the show. AB Prestige Communication will be happy to advise you on the strategy to implement. You can also visit our instagram page AB Prestige.

6/ Anticipate what happens next

By offering a contact box, you will be able to increase your customer portfolio. The aim is to collect new prospects who would not have the time to stop by your stand. On the other hand, during busy periods on your stand, visitors will be able to leave their contact details. Therefore, the contact box allows you to optimise your chances of winning a customer. If you develop this line of thought, you can also invite them to register their email address for the newsletter. Finally, you can also expand your mailing list by encouraging customers to take your literature (flyers, brochures and business cards).

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The AB Prestige Communication team based in Lyon (Auvergne Rhône Alpes region) will be delighted to help you design your exhibition stand!

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