Custom-made stand: Aiming for excellence !

How to stand out at an exhibition ?

During an exhibition, the objective for each company is to optimise its visibility in order to stand out from its competitors. Indeed, there are several ways to differentiate yourself. However, it should be borne in mind that the strategy is not the same for professionals and private individuals. In fact, it differs according to the target. In this sense, what are the tools to be as visible as possible during an exhibition?

  • Choice of stand type. When you are an exhibitor, which stand should you choose for an exhibition?

The choice of stand is very important because it is your company’s showcase. Of course, at an exhibition, a custom-made stand stands out. It is the best way to stand out at an exhibition because it is authentic and personalised according to your wishes.

  • Choice of visuals. What visuals should I choose to attract attention to my stand?

The choice of colours, logos and messages on the stand is very important. In order to attract the attention of your future customers, choose flashy and vivid colours rather than dark ones. For example, red and light blue stands are much more visible than grey ones. Nevertheless, make sure you respect your graphic charter so that the visitor recognises your company. Your stand must be attractive and arouse curiosity at the exhibition. Among other things, your logos and messages must be clear and intriguing. They should arouse curiosity and give your stand credibility. For example, by using key figures, diagrams and photos.

  • Building customer loyalty. How do you take care of your customers at an exhibiition?

Getting new customers is all about small gestures. So don’t forget to offer them refreshments (coffee, tea, juice) and why not snacks.


The AB Prestige Communication team based in Lyon (Auvergne Rhône Alpes region) will be delighted to help you design your exhibition stand!

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